Since 1945, our local United Way is an equal opportunity employer and strives to involve and serve all of the citizens throughout the Klamath Basin from all walks of life without regard to race, religion, national origin, disabilities, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Your United Way represents people helping people.
  The 2022 campaign goal has been set at $507,000 and kicked off on Thursday, September 8th.  Thanks for your many years of support.
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Coming soon. The 23rd Annual United Way Community Golf Challenge will be held Saturday, September 9 at Harbor Links Golf Course.  This event follows our 2023 Campaign Kick Off luncheon held on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. Keep an eye out for more information.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy & Principles

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Joy Vaughn, Volunteer of the Year 2023

Grandma Joy has been a Foster Grandparent volunteer for over ten years. Joy lives her life “heart forward.” She has overcome incredible challenges and is a walking example of resilience. Joy has served around 5000 hours as a Foster Grandparent. She began at Sage Community School and volunteered at Chiloquin Elementary, where she tutored and mentored children with unique or exceptional needs. Joy moved into Klamath after losing her husband and served at Peterson Elementary.

During the pandemic, Joy underwent significant physical changes as her mobility declined rapidly. She has experienced several falls that have limited her ability to leave the house. However, this did not stop her from continuing to mentor children.

She learned to embrace technology and has become a virtual volunteer with Falcon Heights Online Academy through the Klamath Falls County School District. Joy has become a Zoomer.

Joy is the first Foster Grandparent volunteer to serve solely online. This year she read online with children in kindergarten and first grade.

Joy’s gratitude and positive outlook enabled her to build trust with older adults through her service, and she has recruited several volunteers for the Foster Grandparent Program.

Joy is retiring from the Foster Grandparents program this year and is relocating out of the area to be closer to her family.





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2022 Community Campaign Goal $507,000

The United Way Community Campaign goal of $507,000 will help support 16 vital local organizations and provide needed services to approximately 20,000 local citizens of all ages.   Jenine Stuedli with Caliber Home Loans is our campaign chairperson.   To get involved or donate, please contact United Way at 541-882-5558, or send a contribution to United Way at 136 N. Third Street Klamath Falls, OR  97601.   Thank YOU.  No Gift is too small and every gift is very much appreciated

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